Monday, March 4, 2013

helter skelter, sally is a witch

 I love my closet, but it hates me. I keep buying clothes and they refuse to fit into it. So today I basically just dumped all of my stuff out onto my bed and ~fangirled~ (ugh sorry) over it because honestly, I forgot that I had most of my things. I'm going to spend next Sunday cleaning out my closet and attempting to fit more clothes into it. Everything reminds me of spring & summer, and then I feel ecstatic until I look down at the lumpy sweater that I am wearing and let my heart sob.


My saddle waddle shoes that I bought on a shopping trip with my best friends. (They used to belong to the cashier who checked them out for me. How rad is that?!) (I'm answering my own question. It's very rad. Very rad, indeed.)

This is a red beret that I recently got (inspired by It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, one of the best shows in existence).

This is my Sally the Witch shirt, and while I have no idea who that is other than the fact that it's a television show character, this shirt is lovely and reminds me of a show that I used to watch on Saturdays as a child.
Well, I'm done with this ode to my closet.


  1. My closet is messy like that too, love the saddle waddle shoes :)

  2. That Sally the Witch shirt is awesome... Witches are my biggest style icons.