Saturday, March 23, 2013


The title is basically all of my insides partying because I'm so happy right now (even though half of my tripod is missing. But, you know, whatever.). Tomorrow is going to be rad; I'm going to Rockefeller Center with my mother to shop and have lunch after visiting St. Patrick's (the last part isn't really one of the rad things). Then we're going to see a movie and visit the Strand. 

I bought the above sneakers today (the picture, not owned by me, is of holographic sneakers, and are a bit blurry). They are amazing. Not only are they comfy, but they're holographic, guys. I usually am not the biggest fan of sneakers, but there were thrown down to Earth by stylish aliens.

ALSO, as of about ten minutes ago or so, I bought a Grimes button from The Pulp Girls, and I think that this is celebration-worthy news. I mean, I can now publicly declare my love for Grimes. 

I must go off to bed now (mostly because the only somewhat interesting thing on my T.V. right now is an awful Affleck movie-even though he is perfect because of Argo and such-that I think might be a romantic comedy but I'm not completely sure about. Either way, it's not worth losing sleep over. Also because my mother is making me, but the first reason is better). Nightie night! 



  1. HOLOGRAPHIC SNEAKERS WUT<3 i nominated you for the versatile award :3

  2. Wow I love this post!!! hel-looks is absolutely beyond amazing and boy oh boy do I want some holographic shoes. And Grimes is the best. Thanks for directing me to the Pulp Girls!